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Guest Live


Born in Akiruno City, Tokyo on January 18, 1999. After entering high school, he joined the band club and began his musical activity. After graduating from high school, he entered Tama Art University, majoring in oil painting, and deepened his knowledge of art.
As part of his personal music activities, he has been consistently releasing songs on YouTube, and his YouTube channel has over 130,000 subscribers.
In June 2020, he released his first single “Seikatsu” from “easy revenge records”, and the following year, in January 2021, he released his first EP “Kenko wo Wazurau”. The same work which was developed to incorporate arrangements that delves deeper into the world view, was picked up by Tower-recomen in the following month of the same year. As a result, he attracted a great deal of attention as a next-breakthrough artist. Soon after, he participated in the “VIVA LA ROCK2021”, and he produced the main theme song for the movie “Sayonara good bye” which is to be released this fall. His voice, despite his androgynous appearance, and the songs that sear out the loneliness and impermanence of those who listen to them, written from the artistry he has cultivated, will not let go, grabbing the hearts of keen-eared music listeners, regardless of gender.

Date & Time
Saturday, September 4, 2021
Performance Movie
1st year organ student

The University of the Arts is known for the pipe organ, “the Sogakudo”, but we mainly use the classroom organs for lessons and practice. Today we will be playing on two of these organs from two classrooms that are not usually open to the public.

September 4, from 15:00 (33 minutes) 48-hour limited release
Coming soon……
September 5, 2021 (Sun) 13:00-15:30 Open
Chocolate cosmos

In these troubled times when we often cannot feel the warmth of people, why don’t we feel love through music? We played popular J-Pop songs related to “love” and made a video. Although it was not possible for me to deliver the music in front of you, I will perform it with the feeling of being close to each of you. Even in the days when our hearts are blind and faded, there are sure to be moments that overturn the dark stories. Believe that there is something that love can do…

September 5, 2011 from 11:00 (18 minutes) 48-hour limited release
Coming soon……
September 5, 2021 (Sun) 13:00-15:30 Open

The violins and cellos are played. At first glance, they seem to be playing as usual, but looking closely, they seem to be playing a little differently… Gradually, the gap between the image and the sound becomes clearer and clearer. The timing is off, sounds that should not be playing is played , different instruments are being heard, and so on. This work is a study of the connection between sight and hearing.

September 5, from 14:00 (4 minutes) 48-hour limited release
Coming soon……
September 5, 2021 (Sun) 13:00-15:30 Open

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