This year’s Art Festival will be part of a project called “minne’s School Festival Tour”organized by GMO Pepabo Inc.
GMO PEPABO, with its mission to “connect and expand possibilities through the Internet,” is working to promote the creator economy by providing Internet services to support self-realization, centered on its hosting, EC support, handmade, and financial support businesses.
In particular, the handmade market “minne” has more than 780,000 registered artists and brands, and we provide artists and brands in a wide range of genres with a place to express themselves on the Internet through the sale of their works, production support, and event cooperation.
While the Corona Damascene is unable to hold the school festival as it has in the past, “minne
In order to contribute to the development of young creators and the promotion of the industry, “minne” has decided to support art-related universities and vocational schools that want to use the Internet to liven up their school festivals and deliver the works of their students to as many people as possible.
Students from Tokyo University of the Arts will be selling their works on “minne” with the hashtag “#minne’s school festival tour”. By selling their works with the designated hashtag, it will be easier for the students to deliver their works to users who want to purchase them.
minne × GEISAI store
About the sale of goods and pamphlets

♦︎Sales of goods and pamphlets are now online only. Please purchase from the product page of each goods. ( *Packing will be carried out with thorough infection control measures.)

♦︎In response to the spread of coronavirus infection, we have drastically reduced the scale of production. Please understand that we may sell out early.

♦︎Please do not purchase in large quantities for resale.

♦︎Shipping fee (290 JPY~) is not included to the prices of the products.  It’s possible to combine more than one item into one shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

♦︎We do not accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances. If the item is defective, please contact us within three days of receiving the item using the DM function in minne. Please note that even if the item is defective, we cannot exchange it if the item in question is missing.In order to prevent the spread of the virus, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
minne × GEISAI store

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