Geidai × Asuka Noda

Now is the time to think about what art means to us.
The guest speaker will be Asuka Noda, who will give a talk and a special live performance for an hour full of fun.

Geidai × collection

This year’s event is the long-awaited first of its kind, a live streaming project that can only be done now and can only be viewed now.
Why don’t you take a look at the works that express the “beauty” of each student of the University of the Arts in “Art x Collection”?


A variety of musicians and instruments will be performing online.
Please enjoy the beautiful harmony.

Happi and Mikoshi

The students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Music work together to create the flower of the Arts Festival.  The 2021 happi coats and past mikoshi (portable shrines) will be reprinted online for the next generation to inherit the university tradition.


A variety of stages will be held, including live performances and everything from art to music.


The space unfolded by the students of the University of Arts who occasionally pass by, will be broadcasted live continuously for three days. You never know when something will happen! Why don’t you come and visit us in the Living Room at the Festival?

Time Schedule

Time schedule for all events.
A variety of projects will be held online via live streaming.

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